Bird Feeders

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Made from recycled materials such as Milk Cartons, Plastic bottles, filled with bird seed/ peanuts


Plastic bottles, filled with bird seed/ peanuts, wood dowels


Re-use a juice or milk carton to make a brilliant bird feeder :O)
You will need:
A clean, dry carton Two twigs
Bird seed

How to make:
Cut out four large holes, one in each side of the carton, these are where the birds will feed from.
Make four small holes, one on each side, then thread the twigs through to make perches.
Make tiny holes in the base to allow rainwater to drain away (but not big enough for seeds to fall out)
Fill the carton with bird seed, up to the hole where they will eat from.
Punch two holes in the top of the carton, thread the string through and hang it up somewhere safe.
Keep the bird seed topped up and replace the feeder with a new one when it starts to get dirty.

Once you start, it's important to carry on feeding birds as they begin to rely on the food and will go hungry without it


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