Backwards Evening

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Run your entire evening backwards


Felt tip pens
Colouring pencils
For Clock
- paper plates
- split pins


- This whole activity runs best if it comes as a surprise to the Beaver Scouts.
- Arrive at the meeting wearing your uniform, or at least your scarf back to front.
- As each Beaver Scout arrives say goodbye.
- Start the meeting with the closing ceremony & prayers.
- Run an activity as normal. A good activity is to make a backwards clock, decorate a paper plate as a clock but with the number backwards, i.e. 11 where 1 should be etc.
- Finish the evening with the opening ceremony.
- Say hello to all the Beaver Scouts and they can go home!

- Don’t tell the Beaver Scouts what you are doing - the looks of amazement as they decide you have lost the plot are priceless!
- Someone will eventually ask you why you are doing everything backwards. At this point they could all turn their own scarves around too.
- This evening encourages the Beaver Scouts to watch, listen, pay attention, chat and be inquisitive.


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