Create a Event Poster for a Upcoming Event

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Printable 'Poster Challenge' worksheet for making an event poster


Desktop Publishing software. Eg: MS Publisher, MS Word, Libre Office (Free), Google Docs (Free), Apple Pages. Images or photos saved on the computer to use.


Note: This works great to promote an upcoming camp, group event or fundraiser. Scouts can work in pairs or small groups.

Print off the attached sheet or explain the following...

You have been asked to create a poster for an upcoming Scouting event. This poster will be printed and displayed on a notice board. It may also be handed to scouts and parents to tell them about the event.

To pass this challenge, your poster must have the following…
• A clear heading.
• Fit on 1 sheet of paper.
• All the information about the event including the date and cost.
• A range of photos and images.
• Be suitable for the target audience.
• Shapes and Colours.

Things to remember:
• Before you begin, consider what features of the software you will use. (Fonts, Bullet Points, Tables, Charts, Shapes, Clipart etc)
• Your poster should be eye catching so that it can be seen from far away.
• Your poster should excite the reader about the event you are advertising.


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