Monster Landing

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make junk musical instruments and play them along to the story


items to make junk musical instruments and lots of them


This is taken from POL.
- Set up a number of bases for the Beaver Scouts to create musical instruments

- Shakers – any container that can be sealed can be filled with rice or dried peas to create sounds – tins with lids are very quick, but you could use yoghurt pots covered with paper and tape or cardboard tubes with both ends covered and secured

- Drums – you need a wide, open surface like a cake tin or box with an old carrier bag or black sack tightly secured over it. This can be banged by hand if it’s strong enough or tapped with a stick or cardboard tube

- Didgeridoos – any old bits of plastic tubing or strong thick cardboard tubes can be converted into a musical instrument by blowing across the top of them

- Tubular Bells – again any tubes which can be hit or knocked together will create sound – try making them of different lengths to vary the sound

- Stringed instruments – small boxes with different thicknesses of elastic band can be plucked or strummed

- The wider the variety of sounds available the better!

- Tell the story of ‘Monster Landing’ (see attachment) and while you tell the story the Beaver Scouts add their own soundtrack using the instruments and any other appropriate noises such as feet stamping, fingers slapping against their palms for rain, whooshing noises and so on.


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