Tin can cooking over tea light

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Cook a simple pancake on an upturned tin can using a tea light. Demonstrates Hot air rises & Cubs/Beavers get to eat their pancake after! Also demonstrates that metal is a conductor of heat.


Tin cans, tea lights, matches, pancake mix, bowl, spoon, spray oil, wooden spatula to turn pancake. Sugar, lemon, paper plate


Wash tin thoroughly, remove labels & turn over and lightly spray top (the base of the tin) with oil
Make pancake mix
Light tea light candle and place upside down tin can over it- this needs to be slightly off the table to allow air to flow, balance on cutlery or other suitable material. Or, carefully use a sharp pointed knife or metal skewer to pierce some holes in the tin (this can be done using a can opener to just puncture the tin under the rim in a few places top and bottom and enlarge holes with knife or screwdriver).
Spoon thin layer of pancake mix onto top of tin, wait for bubbles to appear, carefully lift pancake off and turn over with wooden spatula or fork (use adult helper to do this) DO NOT TOUCH TIN - It will be hot!
Wait until pancake is cooked and put onto paper plate, add sugar/lemon and eat!
Don't forget to blow candle out.


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