DISASTER! First Aid Incidents

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Disaster has befallen Scout camp and a member of each patrol has been injured! Each patrol must design their scenario, prepare their casualty (with gory injuries!) and learn the first aid so they can act out the scene to the rest of the troop. Points for acting, injury goriness & first aid skills.


Fake wounds (preparation needed) See fact sheet
Props for the scenarios (eg the type of things found on and around a campsite - knives, saw, axes, mallets, piece of wood (with nail in it!), Trangia's, Guillie Kettles etc


Before the event; Prepare simulated wound materials (flesh, blood, burns etc) See Wounds fact sheet. Gather together props needed for activity (knives, axe’s, trangia’s etc)

At the event;
Split into patrol’s. If possible assign a adult or young leader helper to each patrol.
Scouts design the scenario. Adults help apply the wounds!
As the activity progresses adults guide each patrol into the correct first aid required for their scenario, e.g. show the bandages needed, talk through how to asses the scene (PANIC process),

Each patrol act’s out the scene and demonstrates the First Aid required for the others patrols to see,
Quick debrief after each ‘show’ to highlight the key messages,
To keep it interesting the Leaders can score each patrol (as per point system on task sheet)


  • Camp Safety
  • entertainer
  • first aid
  • first aid incidents
  • Incident

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