Race to the Pole

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Team game to collect equipment for a race on skis to the 'Pole' followed by snowball fight


Skis, Flags, Snowballs, Sledge, Rope, Dice, Beetle drive type of score card


Short chat about Scott of the Antarctic, equipment available then/now.

Set out 4 sets of equipment

Beavers in Lodges taking turns to roll dice and collect items in order starting with a 6: 6 - Sledge, 5 - Ski, 4 - Ski, 3 - Snowball(s), 2 - Flag, 1 - Rope.

Once all equipment collected Beavers construct their sledge

Working as a team, Beavers pull sledge containing collected snowballs while on team skis to race to the Pole and stake their claim by setting their Flag.

Once all teams have arrived at the Pole split Lodges into two groups and initiate a friendly snowball fight!



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