Introduce a new member to Scouting

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Details of what to include when introducing new members to Scouting


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Get comfortable, make sure everyone knows who everyone is. This is probably best done in groups to make things less formal, but one on one would also be fine if you only have one new member!

- Give a brief history of Scouting
- Explain the different sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network)
- Explain that there are lots of activity badge plus some challenge badges.
- Explain the uniform requirements (when to get the shirt, when they get their badges/scarf)
- Explain the patrol system (if any)
- Demonstrate the salute, and let them know when to do it (after invested at flag break, not at flag down)
- Explain the points system (if any)
- Give a brief overview of the year (terms, regular events)
- Explain that lots of what we learn is for when we get outdoors!

Answer any questions, and make a note of them to add to the above list!



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