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Cheap fun trying an Olympic sport with real ice indoors!!


Plastic sheeting, Plastic sweet tin, Plastic milk bottles, brown parcel tape & a freezer.


This activity needs a little pre planning...

1) Cut the handle (and a little extra plastic around it) off a milk container.
2) Fill a round "Celebrations" type plastic sweet tin with approximately 5cm of water. Freeze it for around 24 hours.
3) Place the milk bottle handle in the middle, on top of the ice and add another 2 to 3cm of water and freeze for around 12 hours.
4) Turn-out the "Stone" and keep in the freezer. You may need to run some hot water on the plastic container to do this.
* Repeat steps 1 to 4 so you have two "Stones".
5) Get a piece of builders plastic roughly 8m x 2m.
6) Mark out numbered rings with a permanent marker on the back of the plastic sheet. I used 5, 10, 15 and 25; 25 being a small 10cm circle or "Bullseye".

On your meeting night...

1) Tape the plastic down to the floor so that it is smooth.
2) Scouts can take turns building up their scores individually, in teams or both!!


1) Using the curling stones in the traditional way may mean the activity is over sooner than expected (when the stones split on impact!!)
2) 2 cups of cold water to "prime" the plastic works well (not fairy liquid as this tends to speed up melting).
3) The "stones" travel better once thay have been "run-in" a little.
4) It's harder than it looks. Not many will get a "Bull". Score like archery (If the stone touches the line it scores).
5) Keep the stones on the plastic so they don't pick up dirt off the carpet or floor.
6) Keep everyone off the plastic so no-one slips over!
7) When finished, take up the plastic from one end in a "V" formation, letting the melted water flow down towards a bowl at the other end.

See a 1 minute video on YouTube...


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