Lighthouse Game

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Children move from one end of hall to the other without being spotted by the light from the torch


Torch, obstacles, ability to make room dark


Set up hall with various obstacles that children can hide behind. Obstacles can be chairs covered in coats, water drums etc. (To avoid accidents ensure no protrusions on obstacles). Turn out lights - we find Emergency Exit lights are just enough to give younger sections confidence. Scouts start from one end of hall - leader stands at other end sweeping the torchlight from one side to another. If scout is spotted, leader calls out name and they return to start. When scouts reach leader they sit on floor behind them. Some will run - others will creep up. Encourage children to move rather than sit behind obstacles. When most have 'got home' encourage the remaining few by counting down from 10! One round is never enough so we run 2 - 3 times. A real favourite.


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