Bomba - Spanish Game

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Play Bomba Game - a game played by spanish scouts




beavers form a well spaced circle standing up. a leader stands in the middle and the ball is given to one of the beavers.

The leader starts counting down from 10 and when they reach 0 they say bomba, meanwhile the beavers are passing the ball around the circle, the beaver that has the ball when the leader says bomba has to sit down with the legs sticking out straight in from of them.

This is then repeated, but when the ball come to the beaver that is sitting down , the one before them has to step over their legs and then pass to the next beaver,
and then repeated until all but one beaver is left standing.

Warn beavers to keep their legs straight and give plenty room for those stepping over (when most are out it becomes a bit like the ladders game in a circle)


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