Athletics Night - Indoor or Outdoor Version

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Explorer Scouts Activity in order to gain athletics badge. This is in an indoor or outdoor version.


Tape Measure
Stop Watch
Bleep Test (speakers)
Prizes for winners (optional)
Flip chart paper to present information
Access to internet to do research


Split group into two teams. One team will be given the task of teaching long jump and the other will be teaching running skills using the bleep test. Each team must come up with a five minute warm up and a different 5 minute warm down to demonstrate and teach to the opposite group, this warm up must consider the muscles being used in the activity that they will be teaching.
Each group must look up safety rules and skills needed for their activity, present back their findings to the other group and give a quick demonstration of what their athletic sport looks like.
The group must set up a competition between all participants in their athletic sport and then discuss how you could improve what you have learned.


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