T Shirt / Pillow Case Printing

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Cubs to design a T shirt or Pillow Case (flag) using stencils made from lino tiles or potatoes etc. Use fabric paints and pens to complete.


T shirt per Cub - preferably a plain white one.
Or a pillow case - make good flags
Stencils - can be made from lino tiles or potatoes or anything you can think of.
Fabric paints and pens
Clothes Iron to set paints/pens - stop colours running or being washed out on the first wash.


Cubs to think of a design for their own T shirt / flag. Make a number of stencils - can be themed based - from lino tiles.
Ideally the stencils need to be made beforehand.
Place cardboard inside T shirt / pillow case to stop piants coming through to back.
Apply paint to stencils and press onto T shirt/pillow case.
Repeat until design complete.
Use pens for lettering (easier) or use letter stencils.
Once dry iron over design to set.


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