The Trip

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A simple game that provides a means of teaching map symbols whilst having a bit of fun.


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1. Print the Display card; 1 set required (I laminated mine so I could use them again)
2. Print as many blank for Scouts as you have scouts ( or teams if doing as a team0
3. Print answer sheet for yourself.

The game is all about Map Symbols; the Display cards have a map symbol on the left and the words for a different map symbol on the right each of these map symbols fits into a space on "The Trip" write up. The sequence is logical the game starts at "the railway station" and the right hand side of the card says "take the Main Road". The scouts then have to find the card which has the Map Symbol for a main road shown on the left. When they find it they will see that it says "Pass the Telephone" so off they go to find the telephone symbol not forgetting to fill in the gaps in the story as they go.

The cards can be spread out over any area within a building, a field or a campsite. Just ensure your scouts know where the playing area is. The last card has the words " go to the Train Station" which takes them back to the first card.

When I have set this up I have had a couple of the cards which are part way through the course placed near where I am so that the scouts come back to me a couple of times during the game which allows you to check they are OK.

You can play as individuals, as small teams or as patrols it works in all cases.

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