Explorers Faith Project

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Explorers Scouts documentary making activity about different Faiths


Flip Cameras
Laptops for research
Flip Chart for Planning


The group will be split into smaller groups and will take part in a short quiz about different faiths to get them thinking and challenge any prior stereotypes, myths or knowledge (attached - this can be changed). Letters ABCD will be put up on the wall and they will be asked to run to the answer that they believe is correct.
Group will be split into smaller working groups and will decide on a religion to investigate further and make a documentart about.
The group can choose how they want to document their finding i.e. making a news report style documentary, making a music video, using images and voice overs etc. They will be asked not to discuss what they are doing with the other groups.
Groups will be asked to go away and research their religion finding out as much interesting and imortant information as they can and to make contact (with help from their leaders) with a religious group/organisiation/place of worship to either interview, get information from, or have a visit from to further their documentary.
All work should be edited by the team and once the documentaries are complete we will arrange a viewing of the films as one large group again, discuss findings and how they felt the project went. This will take a few weeks to complete but will allow them to gain their Faith - partners badge


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