Chalk Hike

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Scouts break into to teams (can work in patrols too). One team heads out first and lays down a chalk route for the second team to follow.


Chalk, scouts, compasses


Split the troop into 2 teams. One team then leaves the group and heads off laying down a series of trail marks in chalk, these marks are compass bearings directing to the next hidden bearing. After the first team has had a sufficient head start usually about (10 mins) the second team then sets out in an attempt to catch the first team by finding and following their bearings. Make sure that the bearings are clearly visible and not to hidden. This game can have several variations one that we use alot is simple arrows or cryptic clues "where you play with sand but not at the beach" (sand pit).


  • chalk drawing
  • community, walk
  • compass bearings outdoor
  • Hike and Trail
  • Navagation
  • race
  • team games

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