Fire safety

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learning about fire extinguishers, fire exits and fire drill


Felt tips


First ask your children if they know where the fire exits and fire extinguishers are in the building, after this go round you scout hall and identify any fire exits that were missed and when they should be used.
explain to the children about how the whistle will be used as a pretend fire alarm and what to do if they should hear it (line up next to a leader, follow the leader to the evacuation point calmly, answer their name from the register) you could leave a child inside to see if any of the children answer for them because they have seen them that night if this were to happen you should finish the register and follow by explaining that one child is still in the building but you didnt know because someone had answered for them.
for the end of the evening ask the children to get into their lodges/sixes/patrols and ask them to creat one poster amongst them to explain what fire safety there is in the scout hall


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