Make an Ink Stamp

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Create a stamp and learn how to make various size stamps for Paper Crafting
Use them for decorating birthday cards, valentine's day cards or season's greetings.
Make plenty and have a go at printing Book plates, Posters and other printing projects.


- Various Cardboard pieces, e.g. 4''x5'' or 2''x4'' inches; we use 2 per stamp
- Thick wool thread, cord, string (or such) at various lengths, 1 or 2 per stamp
- Squeezable Soft Plastic Tip Liquid Glue Bottle, PVA glue, to "draw" the shape on the cardboard
- Plates of poster paint, as ink tray
- Plain white paper, one per stamp or enough to make cards
- Pencils and felt tip pens
- Templates or ready made designs.


Let them pick the cardboard size they want, 2 pieces are used each time.
It will require time to dry so plan ahead and start the activity early.

1. Glue 2 cardboard cards of the same size together, this will make a stamp block, a strong base for the stamp.
2. On one side of the card draw a design, see examples.
3. On that design follow a little by little with a line of glue.
4. Put and allow the thread to sit on the glue following the pattern, press softly but don't flatten the thread.
5. Continue till the pattern is covered with glue followed by the thread.
6. Allow to dry. - plan your drinks break or a game.
7. Optional, with the thread stuck you can cover it over again with PVA glue and make it solid. - Allow to dry again! (*)
8. Once dry, have a plate with some poster paint as an ink pad and put the stamp softly on the paint.
9. Stamp on a plain piece of paper.
10. Glue the paper on top of the non working part of the stamp, trim around. Now it shows what pattern this stamp makes.

(*) Step 7 is optional as it takes time to dry; if your thread is a thick enough cord, you can get away without a cover coat of PVA!

Design examples to get you started:
a heart, a star, a balloon, a butterfly, zig zags, around the card border frame, checkered.

Activity Ideas - Printing!
Make Letter stamps a full alphabet!
Why not make big letters for use in poster making?
Each cub can make a letter, but remember, they need to be in reverse to work as stamps.

Make a Book Plate, a large enough stamp with border and lines to write on.



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