Zorch Wide Game

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One person is guarding the "light of humanity" against alien invaders.


High powered, narrow beam torch, Candle in jar, matches


The last remaining human is guarding the "Light of humanity" (the candle in the jar) against alien invaders (the scouts!). They only have one weapon with which to defend the light - a high powered light known as "Zorch". This "traps" the alien invaders instantly.

1. Take the human and the candle somewhere well away from the camp.
2. Light the candle
3. The human must guard the candle but is not allowed within 5m of it.
4. The aliens must sneak up on the candle and blow it out - they start from the camp
5. The human can "trap" the aliens by shining the light of Zorch on them.
6. If the aliens are hit they must return to the camp and stay there until the end of the game.
7. The end of the game arrives when either all aliens are trapped or the light is extinguished.


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