Design a Keyring

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Design a keyring to give to a loved one or friend - or to just keep for themselves!
Note: We used heart-shaped keyrings to celebrate St. Valentines Day, and used this activity along with an archery session (the pack split into 2 groups, 1 hour on each) for our 'Cupid's Challenge'


blank plastic keyrings with paper inserts (
colouring pens
stick on gems/glitter etc.
camera, photo printer and paper
laptop for sizing the images to fit into the keyring


1. Cubs all take a photo of each other
2. Cubs/Leaders help them to 'size' the images on a laptop/computer and then print the images onto photo paper
3. Cubs cut out their picture using the keyring insert as a template and fit into the keyring
4. Cubs decorate the template to make the 'back' of the photo with a design or a message of their choice
5. Cubs assemble their keyring and decorate the outside if they want to


  • computer
  • craft activity
  • cupid
  • Design and creativity
  • keyring
  • photography
  • valentines day

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