paper snakes

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Make paper snakes as part of Chinese New Year celebrations


coloured (craft) paper, felt pens, scissors


Give each child a large (preferably A3) piece of coloured paper. Craft paper is best or old fashionned sugar paper.
Cut a long, fairly straight strip from the paper. It doesn't have to be perfectly straight (snakes aren't straight!)
Decorate the strip to make it look like a snake.
Curl the snake round a "fat" felt pen.
The snakes should then be able to stand as a coil on the table.

For Cubs you could use the inner tubes from paper towels:
Draw a snake's head at one end of the tube and a tail at the other.
Decorate the tube with snake-like patterns.
Staring at the head end, carefully cut round the tube in a spiral. This may take slightly longer than the Beaver activity.


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