Watermelon Destroyer

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Design and construct an apparatus that is capable of destroying a watermelon into edible sized pieces.


Poles/spars, ropes, watermelon, medicine ball (for tests), plastic to catch pieces, paper, pencils


In patrols or small groups get a sheet of paper and discuss/design your watermelon destroyer. Make sure that you know what equipment you will need to build it and what order things need to be built in. Also who is performing what task.
Once you have your design gather all of your required equipment and start constructing. There is a medicine ball for you to do test runs. Once you are happy with your design then let the leader know and you will be given your watermelon. Everyone should gather to watch your success or disaster! Remember you only get one shot!


  • construction planning
  • fun
  • knots and lashings
  • lashings
  • Poles
  • teamwork
  • watermelon

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