Lollipop bow and arrow

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Instructions for making a mini bow and arrow


Wooden lollipop sticks (at least one each, preferably more in case they break later), dental floss, ear buds, scissors or serrated knife, nail glue (not necessary)


1) Use the scissors or knife to cut two small notches at each end of the lollipop stick (leader may be required for younger members) for the dental floss to rest in.
2) Soak the lollipop sticks in hot water for at least an hour, place a bowl or something heavy on top to keep them underwater if needed. You could always put names or initials on the sticks in biro before to avoid arguments and ensure each child gets their own stick they have been working on
3) Take the dental floss and tie a knot within the notches at one end, wrap the floss around a couple of times, then take the floss down to the other notches and tie a knot and wrap around the other end. Make sure that the knots are at the same side of the stick, to ensure the floss that the "arrows" rest on is not twisted, so will work properly. Tie another knot at the end, and cut the excess floss off. Add a drop of nail glue to the floss knots to help them stay where they are and not fall apart.
4) Cut the ear buds in half to make your arrows.
5) The easiest way I found to fire the bow and arrow is to put the bow horizontally, with my thumb in the middle, using the arrow pulling the string to keep the bow in place.
The drier the lollipop stick, the easier it breaks, for prolonged use you may have to soak the bows again for a short while.

I haven't counted soaking the sticks in the activities time, as it can be done in advance or even during another activity. I have said half an hour, due to the fiddly nature of tying with dental floss.



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