Fairtrade String Game

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A game to show how we are connected to other people in other countries through things we eat


Ball of string, cut out of roles


A group of 10 children stand in a circle with others observing - give each person one role which they read out to the rest of the group. One holds the end of the string and passes the ball to someone they "link" with (for instance, the factory owner might be linked to the supermarket or the businessman). They explain why they feel related to the other person.
This person than chooses another that they're linked to and passes the string themselves. After some time there will be a web of string across the circle. What do young people think the web shows?
Then tell the group there has been a drought or disease affecting cocoa farmers, and get the farmers to wiggle the string. The whole web should move showing that everyone is affected. How do they think they have been affected?

Roles: can be printed from the PDF file which also has additional information on Fairtrade.
This could be adapted to see the relationships with other things e.g. the food chain


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