Thief's Game

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A fun game where Scouts have to have to obtain three coins or other items to win


Seven coins, stones or whatever


Place the seven items in the center of the play area.
At each corner of the play area, draw a base - one for each of four teams.
Divide scouts into four teams.
Number each scout on each team.

When a number is called, that scout from each team runs to the center and retrieves only one item. He returns it to his base.
He then runs back to the center to retrieve one more item, or runs to an opposing team's base to steal one item.

Scouts continue to take items from opponents until a team has three items in their base. That scores one point and the round is over.

A player can hold only one item at a time.
A player may not throw or toss an item - it must be set in his base.

Play to a certain score or time limit.


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