Fruit Salad Game

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What does it take to be a good leader? Give leadership a go with this berry energetic game.
Simple game a bit like musical chairs without the music! (A.K.A: Fruit Bowl)



floor mats as an alternative to make set up at the start of the game easier - we use this as a start of the meeting game whilst the cubs are arriving.


The pack sits in a circle on chairs facing inwards. Go round the circle and give each player a fruit name. Choose just 3 or 4 and repeat. Call out a fruit and the players that have been given that name have to swap seats with another player with that fruit name. Call 'fruit salad/fruit bowl' and everyone has to swap seats. They aren't allowed to move to a seat next to them. Each time a fruit is called, remove one chair. Whoever doesn't have a seat is out.

Alternatively, gave the chairs outward and members run around the outside. If you don't remove chairs the first member back to their seat wins that round.


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