Emergency Aid lvl 1 Quiz

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A quick true or false game to compound other learning activities




Scouts start in the middle of the room, one end of the hut is designated as True the other as False.

The questions are read out in random order and the Scouts have to run to the correct end of the room.

• When clearing and airway lose false teeth should be removed
• When clearing an airway Check the mouth for any obstructions
• Toys should not be left on the floor where they can be stood on
• Around 10 children die each year as a result of falls in the home
• Chip pan fires cause more injuries than any other domestic fires
• Never keep dangerous liquids in unmarked containers
• Apply pressure and elevate cuts that will not stop bleeding
• Wherever possible clean a cut before applying a bandage
• You would call out the emergency services if you came across someone who isn't breathing
• When you call the emergency services you will be asked the house number, street name, postcode, any road markings or junctions near by.


• To open the airway the head should be pushed forwards so the chin is on the chest.
• Never put your fingers in the mouth of an unconscious person.
• Burns are the most common accidents in the home.
• Very few kitchen accidents are knife related
• Try to use the front rings of the cooker whenever possible
• Use a long kettle lead so you can move the kettle closer to where you are wanting to use it
• Apply indirect pressure to stop a cut from bleeding
• Antiseptic cream should only be used by a professional
• 999 is the only number to ring for emergency aid in the UK
• Should you call out the emergency services if your friend has cut their finger on paper and there is a little bit of blood
• When you first arrive at the scene of an accident the first thing you must check is that the injured party is safe from harm.


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