US Cub Pack night

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Cubs become US Cub Scouts for the evening


US flag, printouts of the US pledge of allegiance, US Cub Scout uniform (only if you can get one). Need to read up on US pack organisation at Printouts of Tiger cub, Bear, Wolf & Webelo Cub badges (attached). Double sided tape.


Start meeting with US style opening ceremony (see including pledge of allegiance
Cubs get into age order (let them sort that out!) then split pack into 4.
Youngest cubs becomes a Tiger cub den, then Bear Den, Wolf Den & oldest cubs becoming Webelo cubs.
Run a game from
Each 'den' gets together for base activities each taking 5-7 minutes.
Base 1 Tell how dens (sixes) meet weekly at someones home. Pack only meets together monthly. age limits, the grade system & moving between Tiger, Bear, Wolf & Webelo then scouts.
Base 2 Discuss differences between US & UK Cubs - how did they feel making the pledge of allegiance? No girls?
Base 3 Read out some of the requirements for the Webelo citizenship award - could the cubs do it if they were asked to do a UK Citizenship badge?
Base 4 Perform some of the 'Feats of Skill' required for the Wolf badge requirements
Finish with another game & closing ceremony.
The website also contains sufficient info to run the equivalent activity for scouts


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