Mini Rafts

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The Creative Challenge says "Design and make something using pioneering skills, this could be a raft or a scaled down model of a bridge." This has been adjusted to a scaled down raft for this activity. The idea is the Cubs (on their own or in pairs) make a mini raft out of suitable materials.


Ask Cubs/Scouts to gather and bring in 2x 330ml - 500ml drinks bottles (fruit shoot/coke etc) and twigs and pieces of wood or branch sections
Other materials can be provided such as
- Lolly sticks
- Corks
- String for pioneering (elastic bands for extra hold)
- Paper / sellotape (optional for making sails/flags)
- Anything else you think will enhance the activity, cocktail sticks?

- A large bowl or similar for placing the rafts in, to see how well they float.


1. Explain to the Cubs what their objective is (i.e Building a mini raft that will float and hold the weights you have selected, and also looks good!)

2. Give the Cubs all the things they need to build the raft and send them away, give them about 30 minutes to build the raft.

3. Put each raft into a bowl of water 1 at a time and place the weights on it to measure how much it will hold before sinking.

4. Decide which one looks the best

5. Let the Cubs know which was best in each category!

6. In the following week, with permission of a local landowner, take then to a suitable shallow stream with net downstream to catch boats or small shallow pond (where you can reach the middle and test them out on "open water")



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