Astronautics 1 and 3

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Complete sections 1 (Purpose of space exploration) and 3 (Discuss science and technology of space exploration) of the Astronautics activity badge


Internet access for each patrol
Selection of books about space exploration and space missions


Allocate each of the 7 (or 8 or 9, if you break "benefits relating to Earth resources, technology and new products" into separate parts) to different patrols, give them 20 minutes to complete their research and then present their findings (and demonstrations for Section 3) to the troop. PLs will need to assign tasks if a patrol gets more than 1 topic. Limit presentations to 2 minutes max, questions to 1 minute. Total running time 40 minutes.

As an alternative, Scouts can be asked to do the research at home, as long as you know they have access to the required resources in their home environment.


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