Mother's Day presents

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A pamper present for mum


Ferero Roche chocolates (£3 for 16 in Morrissons), facecloths (£1.49 for 3 from Range), small soaps (£6 for 6 heart-shaped in Body Shop), small bath bombs (£4 for 8 in Debenhams sale), ribbon (£1.50 in Range), butterfly pegs (pegs crafted with a butterfly on top £1 for 8 in Range), with love stickers (£1 for 24 in Hobbycraft and range) patterned paper for the gift tag. 2012 prices. pens or pencils.


Prepare small gift tags - 1 for each Beaver putting a with love sticker on the front of each.
Lay out the facecloths and in the centre of each, place a soap, bath bomb and chocolate.
At the side of each face cloth place a strip of ribbon, a peg and a gift tag.
Ask the Beavers to write their name inside their gift tag and add a kiss before closing it.
Beavers pull the four corners of the facecloth upwards together, making the facecloth into a bag containing the gifts.
They then wrap the ribbon tightly around the facecloth (above the gifts)
Place the gift tag on the ribbon at the join and clip it together with the peg.


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