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An overnight incident hike for Kennet District Scouts held yearly.


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Scouts set up tents for sleeping. Scouts plan a pre arranged route and are then sent out in teams to walk the route. Several manned bases are along the route where Scouts will complete activities. The hike takes place overnight so the Scouts return to HQ and sleep in tents. This event is marked by navigation, timings, competency at bases and photos identification.


  • camp
  • hike
  • Incident
  • Incident Hike
  • Navagation
  • overnight

Badge Links

  • Creative - Problem solving
  • Hiker - Emergency Knowledge
  • Hikes - [NONE]
  • Navigator - Bearings
  • Navigator - Distance and time
  • Navigator - Scale, direction etc.
  • Navigator - Setting and references
  • Navigator - Shape
  • Nights Away - [NONE]
  • Outdoor - Tent
  • Skills - Problem solving
  • Team Leader - Lead
  • Teamwork - Goal