Expedition Training Hike

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A two day lightweight training hike training for a full expedition hike


Full lightweight equipment

Per Team

Fine Point Permanent marker/ Pencil/Rubber
Suitable map Case
Compass (Silva Type)
Suitable Hike Tent
6 Spare Pegs
Suitable Hike Cooker Including Fuel
Spare fuel
First Aid Kit (Including Hand Gel and Sun Cream)
Water Container
Collapsible Washing-up Bowl

Per Person (to be provided by individual scouts)
Plimsolls or Trainers (for use at base camp & finish)
Change of Socks
Sweater and Trousers or Tracksuit (Spare)
Washing Kit
Warm Hat
Sandwiches for Saturday Lunch
Sandwiches for Sunday Lunch (Packed Separately)
Evening and Breakfast food
Sleeping Bag in Polyethylene Bag -
Bed Roll (I.e. Karrimat – Advised Not Compulsory)
Waterproof Outer Garments
Eating Utensils (Plate/Cup/Knife etc)
Cleaning equipment in sealed containers (Washing up liqhid and cloths.)


It can be difficult to remember that this is no ordinary camp. It is a lightweight incident hike and different rules apply. Here are some useful advice to help reduce weight. Remember it is only a couple of days. The Scouts can do without the regular supply of sweets and fizzy drinks for this short time! The MAXIMUM each Scout Should carry is 11.5kg. We would aim for less if we can.

The scouts have to carry four meals; two lots of sandwiches for Sat and Sun Lunch, and a cooked tea and breakfast.

Sandwiches. The two meals should be wrapped separately in cling film (no Tupperware please – bulk and weight) Fillings which give quick energy are best. Cheese or jam is ideal, any meat will not supply any energy until after the next day, so would is not recommended. Add some chocolate and crisps to complete. No drinks as water is supplied at all check points and at base camps, and for one weekend water will be fine.

Evening meal. The Wayfarer Ration packs are absolutely ideal and can be bought from camping stores. One pack per child for the evening meal is required. They have meals such as Stew and Dumplings, Chicken Casserole, Pasta, Curies etc. There are also some deserts. All are high energy and ideal for hiking as quick cook, and no washing up.

If this is unsuitable, the sort of meal which needs to be provided is a single pan pre cooked meal such as a stew or pre made pasta and source. ( single burner cooker). Meals such as pot noodle are absolutely not allowed.

Hot drinks are essential. Whatever is required, Hot Chocolate, tea or coffee. Sachets are ideal.

Breakfast. Again the Wayfarer beans and bacon type Ration Packs are ideal, if not we recommend one of the various “all day breakfast” in a tin type meal. However this needs to be removed from the tin and sealed in a plastic container (no tins allowed). Actual sausages, bacon or eggs are not suitable. They take forever to cook and make a huge mess in the pans supplied with the cooker. And everything will be washed up!

All clothes should be light weight as possible. The spare shoes required are so the scouts can relieve their feet, but a pair of heavy trainers is unsuitable. A pair of cheap pumps or crocs are ideal. It could be wet and cold so sandals might not be suitable. All spare clothes should be sealed inside a separate plastic bags to prevent them getting wet.

Other Equipment
All should be as light as possible. Torches should be one AA cell cheap pound shop ones. Wash kit should only be a face cloth, toothbrush, a very small piece of soap, all in a plastic bag. No aerosols please. Sleeping bags need to be light and pack small, again it is for one night and I doubt the scouts actually take any clothes off to sleep, so thin bags are not a problem.
It is worth noting that at the actual hike start, the teams will have to empty their rucksacks out onto a table and go through the checklist, and then re-pack the rucksack. So it does make sense that they pack their own rucksack the night before and that parents don’t help them too much!

Note, Cutlery is not on the list, however disposable plastic knives, forks and spoons are required, as are plates mugs and dishes. Paper plates are ideal as they are disposable


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