Mountain Rescue

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This activity is designed to show some of the injuries and accidents that a Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) frequently come into contact with. This exercise shows Explorer Scouts what to look out for when they are climbing, hill walking or on an expedition. Going to an MRI web page and looking at their log, as well as selecting the correct map, will give inspiration to change the scenarios. (Taken from 'The Unit Programme Plus')


• The list of scenarios
• Report Cards
• Ordinance Survey Map Outdoor Leisure Number 17
• A compass
• The table for writing details
• A pin board or somewhere to put the map up
• Pens
• Pencils
• Paper
• String
• Blue Tack
• Pins


This activity is set in the Mountain Rescue Team Base in Ogwen Valley; changing the map of the area and coming up with new scenarios allows you to adapt this to other areas.

On a pin board in the hall place a map of the area. Split the Explorer Scouts into teams of about four or five and ask them to select a team name from one of the areas on the map. So, for instance, in the Ogwen Valley, where the attached scenarios are based, you could have Afon Wen 1 as the first team.

Each team is given several group details. From this they must ascertain the nature of the incident and the urgency. The team must discover whether there are any injuries or any illnesses. Once this has been done they must then work out the quickest way to get to the group and the quickest and safest way to get them off the mountain. This plan must have all route details and timings. Once this has been completed they must then pin the report card to the pin board with a piece of string pointing to the place where the group are believed to be.

Once all the incidents have been plotted, ask each team to feedback on the cases that they had. Ask them what they thought of the incidents and how they thought they could have been avoided. You might also want to discuss the work of the Mountain Rescue Service and what to do if the Explorer Scouts ever need to call them out.


  • discussions
  • expedition planning
  • mountain rescue
  • rescue
  • teamwork

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