Identify Dangers around the Home

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3 Spot the Dangers Pictures to be printed off
1. Lounge
2. Kitchen
3. Garden


Items listed for each station as per list download
Printed Pictures of Lounge, Kitchen and Garden for each Beaver, as per download


Set out 3 areas with the items listed for the Lounge, Kitchen (make a picture of a stove, with two Red Rings for Hot and Green for cold and place on a table) and Garden (make a paper pond with fish etc., for the floor)
Split Beavers into 3 groups with a leader for each group
Move Beavers around the 3 groups to identify Dangers visually and on the picture using a pencil to circle the Danger

This activity can also be used for Cubs, either in meeting or the 1SpotDangers document could be printed off and given as homework


  • community challenge
  • dangers in home & Garden
  • emergency aid
  • emergency aid stage 1
  • Home Safety
  • safety

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