Air Traffic Control

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1 or 2 Cubs/Scouts act as air traffic controllers to guide the rest of the pack/troop to a safe landing


Something to mark out a runway, signs for directions (in case they forget which way round they are), some markers for a "holding pattern"


- Mark a runway on the floor or ground (using masking tape, pens, cones or whatever).
- Mark the 4 cardinal directions (N, S, E & W) with signs.
- Place 1-2 chairs or other objects out to the side as a "holding pattern" marker.
- Select 1 or 2 Cubs or Scouts to be the air traffic controllers. All the other cubs/scouts are “planes” initially stationed around the outside of the playing area. They are released into the "air space" at intervals controlled by a leader.
- The objective of the game is for the controller(s) to land all the planes in a calm and controlled manner without the whole game plunging into chaos.
- Cubs/scouts "fly" in the air space (pretending to be planes with arms out-stretched) but move slowly placing one foot directly in front of the other.
- The air traffic controller(s) give them instructions such as "Peter: fly north", "Jane: turn right 90 degrees", "Fred: you are clear to land", "Sarah: circle and hold".
- The cubs/scouts being planes follow these instructions.
- If a plane reaches the wall or boundary without further instructions, it is "lost" and the cub/scout sits down.
- Planes landing, pretend to land on the runway and sit down and shuffle around on their bottoms once on the ground. You can designate an "airport controller" to clear the runway and park them at "gates".

- You can make the game very simple or add more complications like additional runways, take-offs, closed air-space areas etc.
- Rotate the controller roles so everyone has a go.
- The game normally descends into some chaos the first few times but teaches, clear instructions skills, the importance of listening, aviation skills procedures, situational awareness etc.

(Designed by Teresa Waldin, 1st Beijing Scout Group)


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