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earning the scout GUIDE badge


plain paper large and pens, local map


intro evening with the well known story of how the BSA inspired by an AMerican business man visiting London who got shown how to get to a meeting by a young boy. when he was offered a reward the boy declined saying 'i'm just a scout doing my good deed for the day, you don't have to pay me

Games, blindfolded games - 1st sneaking up to take the keys from under a blindfolded player - Classic ( to feel the helplessness of not knpowing where you are
2nd Blind man tig - make a maze out of chairs, tables and patrol boxes. hide a baton or scarf. blindfold a contestant from each patrol. they must enter the maze find the baton and tag another contestant to win a point for their patrol

take the chairs and tables to patrols - there they must design a map of the local area to cover the local POI lised in the badge requirements you are using ( I've not tlisted them here as they will be different for each location)

after 10 ins most working on that quiz teach patrol member to find a POI on a map or give you directions to it. if they can do six they pass the requirement - ( we sent the eaders round in a circuit system to test each patrol with different places. ask the rest of the patrol if the description was right before you confirm it that way you can double up the no of scouts answering the question)


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