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The Scouts who went on camp will discuss their experiences and share them with the Scouts who did not. This activity is aimed at a group of scouts who have not been on many camps - especially if there are Scouts afraid of going, but would work for experienced campers too.


Around 15 Scouts of whom half have just been on a camp.
A large token (e.g a ball) which gives the holder permission to speak. Perhaps a ball or something which can be rolled across the circle.


Sit in a circle in a comfortable place, you want the Scouts to be relaxed (so they share more) so perhaps softer lighting. Make sure each Scout who was on camp has a token so you can easily identify them - this will just smooth things up for you as you ask them to say things. Spread your leaders amongst the circle and encourage them to share as it will help the Scouts.

Explain the rules:
- You can only talk when you are holding the ball (or if you are the leader!), but you don't have to talk just because you are holding the ball, you can pass it on.

The leader starts with the ball and explains that we're here to learn about camp, for those who were able to go and for those who were not. And we're especially interested in talking with the people who have concerns about going on camp, and would like to help them to love camp as much as the rest of us. Also explain the rules.

Explain that we are not going to say anything for the first round. Slowly pass the ball around the circle, don't accept questions yet. Now pass it around, and ask each person to say the most relaxing thing they've ever done, whether it's at camp or not (remember if they don't want to talk, they can silently pass the ball on).

Continue in this manner, you can alternate the direction of the ball if you want asking the following questions. The idea of the order is to calm them down, address their concerns, then make them more excited.
- Quietest Place they've ever been.
- The scariest thing they've ever done.
- If they've been on camp, the best camp they've been on. If they've not been on camp, one reason they haven't (e.g lack of opportunity, fear of tents, dislike of being away from home).
- One thing they've learned on camp.
- The funniest thing which happened on camp.
- The most awesome thing which happened on camp.

If appropriate, continue with a non-ordered discussion and hopefully have some Scouts address the concerns of some other Scouts, ask:
- If there is anything anyone would like to ask another Scout.
- If there is any advice a Scout would like to share with the troop.

(This is loosely based on Rabbi David Mitchell's Candle Circle)


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