St. Patrick's Day Ladders Game

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Ladders game to story of St. Patrick


Story Benches(we use instead of sitting with legs together to prevent injury


see attached sheet

Kids sat in a circle, give each a charactor, St Patrick, Ireland, Snake or God. During the reading aloud of the story the ids run round when there charactor is called.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and his story involves Snakes and God. St. Patrick died on 17th March 478AD, so every year on the 17th of March he is remembered and celebrated, particularly by the people in Ireland who have a holiday from work and school. On this day some people choose to spend some time thinking about God and some will also think about Snakes.
It is not known where St. Patrick was born, some say Wales, some France and some Scotland. Wherever he was born as a young boy he was captured by pirates and taken to Ireland to be a slave. As a slave he could not choose to do what he wanted. He had to be a shepherd and look after his captor’s sheep. While looking after the sheep he always kept a look out for Snakes and other predators like wolves. He also spent a lot of time thinking and praying to God, he knew one day he would be free if he kept talking to God.
St. Patrick had a dream one day when he was a slave and in the dream God told him how to escape from Ireland. He also dreamt about Snakes. He escaped from Ireland and went to live in France where he studied all about religion and God, not Snakes, and became a bishop.
Years later St. Patrick had another dream about Ireland and Snakes. In the dream God told him the people of Ireland were worshipping Snakes and not God and he, St. Patrick must go back to Ireland, banish the Snakes and teach the people about religion and God.
St. Patrick did what God wanted. He went back to Ireland. He banished the Snakes, so people couldn’t worship them and he taught the people all about God. That is why people in Ireland celebrate St Patrick’s day, why people in Ireland worship God and it is also why there are no Snakes in Ireland.



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