Over Here, There and Every(Where)

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An activity that tests memory and reasoning as well as atheltic ability


4 objects


The activity is similar to North, East, South, West in it's simplicity with a slight twist, rather than simple commands: North, East, South, West, South East and so forth, the commands will test reasoning and memory.

This game is ideally played in a square area. A leader stands in the centre of the area and shouts the following commands:

Note: For this example, the corners are numbered/named as follows: 1. Over, 2. Here, 3. There, 4. Where

The Key Commands:


Combinations (corners should be ran to in sequence):

come here (if they go to the leader, they are out)
over here
come over here
come over here, not over there
not over there, here
come over here, not over there
there, where i'm pointing
where are you going? i said here
where are you going? i said there

The above are a non-exhaustive list however you can be as creative as you like providing you use and link the key words: Over, Here, There, Where

If you're feeling particularly evil, use words such as everywhere, nowhere, overheard, overdone and so forth.


  • Athletes Badge
  • fitness Challenge
  • Memory
  • running game
  • Team challenges

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