Orienteering quiz

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A joint venture with Beavers and Cubs in teams to follow the route and complete a quiz which leads to a question and a bonus 5 points. All get a prize but winning team gets an extra prize


Map of the Orienteering course, Instruction sheet, quiz questions, prizes


Download and print out set of questions and cut into 12 pieces (this is set for Kinver Scout camp as there are 12 orienteering points). Download and print out sufficient question sheets for your teams.
You need to visit the site and place at each orienteering point a question. At the start of the meeting you need to brief the Beavers and Cubs that they need to follow the orienteering course in the correct order and stamp the map at each point.
At each point there is a question the first letter of each answer they need to put in the correct place on their sheet, at the end they hand the sheets into leaders and for each correct letter they get a point and if they put it together they get a sentence, if they answer this correctly then they are marked with a further 5 points.
All children get a prize but winning team get an extra prize each.
Sentence should read 'FIRST CAMP WAS'
Answer '1907'


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