Understand how to use a Wet Pit

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Teach the Scouts how to use a wet pit and explain why we use them


Garden sieve
Washing up bowl with dish water and a hand full of coco pops in it
bin bag


1. Explain how to put the sieve in the bucket and then fill with grass
2. Show how when the washing up bowl is then poured the coco pops are caught by the grass
3. explain how that all liquid must be poured through the wet pit
4. explain that it also works as a grease trap
5. show that the grass is then put in the bin / Fire to dispose of it
6. remove the sieve and show that the water is free of food and grease
7. the water can now be disposed of in a hedge or at the base of a tree
8. explain that it should be put in the sun to dry between use
9. Now explain the the reason you use this on camp is to stop food / cutlery being thrown out with the washing up water
10 Explain the this will cut down on vermin / animals being attracted to their campsite


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