Breakout Wide Game

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A game of tig - where caught players are put in a prison. Other players can set these prisoners free by running through the prison and shouting "breakout".


Cones or a rope; Stop watch or other time piece; a safe area of land with safe places to hide.


1. Create the prison area.
2. Select the first small team to be catchers (a Six or Patrol is ideal).
3. Allow the rest of the participants to run off and hide. Give them a minutes head start on the catchers (can work with a smaller period of time - or no release period).
4. Release the catchers. Anyone they tig must come and stay in the prison.
5. The other participants can try and run through the prison and shout "breakout". If they manage this without getting tug they release all the prisoners. These prisoners can escape if they get away without been tug.
6. After a set period count the number of people in the prison and recall all the other players. Rotate the catchers to a different Six or Patrol.
7. The winning team is the one that manages to have the most prisoners at the end of the set period.


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