Blockie / Stalk the Lantern

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A version of hide and seek, where the hidden players have to get to a set location / item without being seen.


Dependant on version (Nothing or a lantern)


1. Select an item to act as the base / object that players have to reach without being seen. If it is dark this can be a lantern.
2. Choose a player (if using a lantern you might have 2 players because the darkness makes it a lot harder) to defend this object / area.
3. Let the other players go off and hide.

Now the instructions split depending on which version you are playing:

4. The players must try and get to the object / area without being seen by the defender. If they get there they shout 'cut, 1, 2, 3, and their name' to win the game. If they are seen by the defender the defender must get to the object and block them by saying 'block, 1, 2, 3, then the person's name'. You may need to set a distance the defender(s) normally have to be away from the object / area. If they are seen they join the defender in trying to stop people (although if this is making the game too hard see the alternative below). Hence it encourages young people to try early on and keep the game going.

Stalk the Lantern:

4. The players must try to get to the lantern without being seen by the defenders. They win the game if they manage to turn it off without being caught. If they are seen they join the defenders (although see alternative below if this is making it too hard). Players aren't allowed to use torches during this game instead they must rely on the light of the lantern. Hence the defenders need to be careful about where they position themselves as the light can really highlight their location, it can also mask people approaching the lantern from the other side.


For either of the above you can also have a base for the attackers to return to if they are seen where they can start again from rather than join the ranks of defenders.


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