Chemical Toilet

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Bring out a Camp Chemical Toilet and explain to the scouts how they work and how and when they are used on camp


Chemical Toilet
Blue Chemical
Toilet Brush
Jug of water
Toilet roll


1. Show the scouts how to set up a Chemical Toilet from taking it out of the box
2. Explain when we as a troop would use this type of toilet
3. Explain or show how small a toilet tent is (and how pleasant it is...)
4. using a jug of water show how the toilet is operated
5. Show them where they will find the toilet roll
6. get all the scouts in turn have a go at flushing the toilet
7. Now explain that as they know how it flushes there is no excuse when on camp
8. At the end of the evening when the parents arrive to take the scouts home tell them that their problems are over as every scout has been shown how to flush a toilet...


  • camp hygiene
  • camp skills
  • toilet

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