Keep in Rhythm

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A short Game to quiet down the scouts




Method - All sit or kneel in a circle and start a sequence of slapping first the right hand on the right knee then the left hand on the left knee, then a right hand click then a left hand click. Starting with the SPL who is number one, each scout has a consecutive number. Make sure they all know this number by going once round the circle clapping and saying their number in turn. Then the SPL starts by saying "one" (clap, clap) "and two" (click, click). The next Scout says "two" (clap, clap) " and three" (click, click) and this continues round the circle, with no one breaking rhythm. After this has been mastered it becomes randomised with each scout starting with their own number then picking another at random, the scout whose number has been called must then continue without breaking the rhythm.

Tips - this is harder than it sounds. If the scouts cannot snap their fingers use a simple hand clap instead.


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