Camp Hanger

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Make a camp hanger from old shirts


To start with you need to find a very robust coat hanger a wooden one works very well and is less likely to bend or break
Then you need 2 old shirts I have found denim or canvas to be the best (if you wardrobe only has silk then a trip to the charity shops will find what you need)


1. Set up a few parents at one end of the hall with sewing machines and the scouts at the other end with their shirts and scissors
2. Ask the scouts to pick the best shirt and do up the buttons then turn it inside out
3. They then take it to a sewing machine to have the arms stitched between the arm pit and shoulder and the button crossover stitched together
4. They then turn it right side out
5. Now using the back of the 2nd shirt they cut pocket strips out
6. The scouts then have the pocket strips hemmed by the sewing machines
7. Now the scouts using pins they attach the pocket strips to the front of the shirts making wide and narrow pockets
8. These are now stitched to the front of the shirt
9. The shirt is now turned inside out again and the bottom doubled stitched for strength
10. The shirt is now turned round the right way and hung on the hanger
11. You now have pockets for all those things you need on camp and for troop nights
12. And a large dirty laundry pocket inside for camp


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