Throwing arrows

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Make a Throwing arrow from bamboo and cereal boxes


bamboo stick each
length of lashing line each
one side of a cereal box each
a large grass area to let them loose


cut the the cereal box side into half
make slits in the middle of each half of the cereal box halves to the middle only
then join them together to make the flights (in a cross)
now make a cross split in the top of the bamboo stick (use the sellotape to stop the bamboo splitting to far)
now slot the cereal flights into the bamboo and sellotape the end closed after the flights
tie a thumb knot at the end of the lashing line

to throw the arrow hold the thumb knot just before the flights and wrap the line around the bamboo until it passes the knot then holding the line tight run it down the bamboo (it should not slip) wrap the end of the lashing line round your hand and hold the point at the end of the bamboo
holding at arms length behind you throw the arrow as it get next to you head release and pull through with lashing line and you will get a good distance
with a bit of practice you will be able to hit a target....

this is dangerous treat as archery or shooting and lay out the range with the same rules


  • Arrow
  • bamboo
  • target

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