Getting to Know You

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Ice breaker games for the new Beavers
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Bean bag or ball


Game 1 - Name Chase
This is a particularly good game if you have a few new members joining a group. Based on the old favourite Duck, Duck, Goose, it helps everyone learn the children's names.

This children sit around in a circle, facing each other. One child is chosen to be "it" first.
That child who is "it" stands up and walks around the outside of the circle tapping each child on the head and saying their name, with prompting if necessary. At some point he when he taps a child on the head he will say the name of the group instead (the class name, Scout, Brownie, Daisy etc) The chosen child must now jump up and chase the first child around the circle, trying to tag "it" before he can sit down in their place. If he succeeds, "it" has another go. If he fails, he takes over as "it".

Game 2 - Getting To Know You
This is an excellent game to play when you have a group of children who don't know each other well.

Children (and adults) stand in a circle. An adult starts off the game by throwing a beanbag or ball at someone in the circle and asking a question at the same time - such as "What's your name?", "Do you have a brother or sister?", "What's your favourite colour?" and so on. The person who catches the beanbag/ball must answer the question and then throw it on and ask their own question. The game works best if you keep it moving quite quickly, so you may have to step in to prod very young children.


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