Which service do you require

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Running game which gets Beavers thinking about which service they need in an emergency.


List of scenarios


Which Emergency Service game
Allocate different parts of the room for each of the following emergency service:
Fire and Rescue
Coast Guard
When you call out the scenario the Beavers run to the appropriate area. Those that get it wrong are out.
1. Help, help my house has been burgled.
2. Help, help my cat is stuck up a tree.
3. Help, help my boat is sinking.
4. Help, help my granny has chest pain.
5. Help, help I have hurt my leg badly.
6. Help, help I can see a man stuck up a cliff.
7. Help, help my garden shed is on fire.
8. Help, help I am lost.
9. Help, help my little brother has his head stuck in railings.
10. Help, help I can see two children drifting out to sea in a dinghy.
11. Help, help I have lost my dog.
12. Help, help my mummy has hurt herself badly.


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